Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hello, I love miss Talitha.

I decided to make this blog tonight to dedicate it to one of my best friends... one of the most gorgeous people I know. Her name, is Talitha.

The reason for the Gossip Girl pictures is a personal joke. We both love the show and one amazing Wednesday morning, we both wore short plaid school skirts, knee high socks, and black ballet flats. We looked hot. Haha ;D ... Anyway so we went and got ourselves some coffee.... which we thought was just like Blair and Serena do with the yogurt on the steps before school. We decided we were full on Gossip Girl that day, and because she is blonde and hot ... Tj was the Serena of our friendship. And because I'm brunette and bitchy, I'm the Blair.

Anyway, I love this girl. She is amazing. She is more then amazing. She is beautiful, loving, caring, wonderful, crazy, gorgeous, hilarious, insane, awesome, strong and oh-so sexy!

We both love the most amazing hot, sexy guys (Channing Tatum, Jensen Ackles, etc) and we have the best taste in music. AND Black Books. She knows what I am talking about. Best, fucking, TV, show, ever... maybe a few too many commas there. BERNARD BLACK IS A SEXY BEAST! WITH A PICKLE?!?!

I seriously think that's enough for tonight now :) I couldn't help it... I wanted to write this blog for the amazing Tj.
Hi I'm Deanna this is my friend Talitha. You know you wanna come over and try and come and meet her. When you forget her name, you sing the macarena. Heeeey it's Talitha!
Taaaaaaaaaaalitha! Gotta get in my, ha!


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