Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hello, I like to wish.

Most people do it. In their head, out loud... everyone makes more then one wish in their life. Wishing is to hope or desire for something.

Some people wish on a shooting star, some on New Years Eve, some at 11:11pm, some when they blow out their birthday candles, and some just do it whenever they can.

I plan to make this blog into twenty wishes :)

1. I wish someone would love me how I want to be loved.
2. I wish I could forget about some people.
3. I wish I had some amazing talent.
4. I wish I had a vibrant personality that made people like me.
5. I wish I could dance again.
6. I wish my future ends up successful.
7. I wish I will get married and have kids before I am thirty.
8. I wish I didn't over think everything.
9. I wish I could have that one perfect, amazing date.
10. I wish I could find a balance for everything I love in my life.
11. I wish my Dad and I were closer.
12. I wish I could meet someone famous.
13. I wish I could meet a boy who would change my general opinion on them.
14. I wish this year, 2010, that I will find amazing love.
15. I wish I could pass year twelve easily.
16. I wish that you weren't on my mind 24/7.
17. I wish my 11:11pm wishes would come true.
18. I wish you would kiss me again.
19. I wish my life was easy.
20. I wish I could disappear.

I think that is all I will leave you with for tonight.


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