Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hello, I like photography.

This is an amazing photo I found on deviantart. I really wanted to share it with you blog readers. This photo wasn't taken by me, though I really wish it was.

I love beautiful photography. I love seeing people capture the beauty in the world. Babies, elderly, love, nature, landscapes, sunsets, animals... it's all amazing. My favourite photos are always teenage love and smoking. I don't know why I find photos of people with cigarettes so appealing, but I think it's the way some photographers capture the emotion within it.

I wish I could do amazing photography. I wish I could express my emotions through an art like that. But I'm a words girl. I can't ever talk about how I am feeling directly... I have to type/write it all. I love to write. I write fiction, non fiction, journals, blogs, scripts and monologues. I love it. But I wish I could express myself in other ways rather then this one category.

Though I may not be able to take amazing photographs myself, I am quite the analyzer. I love to analyse everything... song lyrics, why people do things, peoples body language, films... I don't know, just about everything I analyse. In some cases, I over analyse... which is a bad thing. But anyway back on topic. I love to work out why the photographer used a certain exposure, or positioned the main focus of the photo slightly more to the left or something... maybe why they decided to use a black and white filter instead of colour. Every brilliant photo is not made by accident. There are reasons behind what they did... Always. I just love to figure out why they did it.

Well I think that is enough rambling for tonight. Sleep well my fellow bloggers and dream sweet dreams :) ... Don't mind my over-the-top goodnight haha.


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